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Worry-Free Living: Strengthening Your Property Defenses

California Fair Plan

The California FAIR Plan Association was established to meet the needs of California homeowners unable to find insurance in the traditional marketplace

DIC Policy

The DIC, Difference In Conditions is a type of insurance coverage that is paired with the Fair Plan. The DIC covers: Water Damage, Liability, Theft and More

Home Insurance

Home insurance provides peace of mind by mitigating risks and offering a safety net in unforeseen circumstances.

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California FAIR Plan – Wildfire Insurance For Everyone

A Fair Plan policy satisfies your mortgage lender’s requirements. If you’re dropped by your current carrier or if you’re closing escrow, a Fair Plan policy will be accepted by your lender.


California FAIR + Differences In Condition Polices

Your Total Home Insurance Package, can’t find a policy? We got you!


End being cancelled and excessive rate hikes!

Stop your insurance from routinely being cancelled and having to keep shopping for expensive overpriced policies!


Yes, we can do Manufactured Homes!

We have all options for Manufactured homes, even in hard to place fire zones!

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Experience peace of mind like never before with Big Foot Insurance – where breathing easy is our promise to you. Our comprehensive coverage ensures that you and your loved ones are protected from life's unexpected challenges. Our tailored policies are designed to anticipate your needs, ensuring you can confidently stride through life knowing that you're protected. Don't let uncertainties loom large; take a step towards a worry-free future with Big Foot Insurance. Breathe easy, live confidently!

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