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Dwelling Fire

Taking Care of Your Needs

Dwelling Fire: As specialists in under-served property insurance, we cover many different types of dwellings; including lower-valued, well-maintained homes, owner-occupied homes, seasonal homes, and tenant-occupied homes. Available coverages include fire, lightning, windstorm/hail, explosion, smoke and vandalism or malicious mischief among others. We also offer the ability to package liability protection for your secondary home into your policy.

Secondary Home (Dwelling Fire) Highlights

  • DP-3 (limited replacement cost) & DP-1 (ACV) policies available

  • Primary, seasonal & tenant occupancies

  • Dwelling values up to $1,000,000 (up to $750,000 on DP-1)

  • Extended Replacement Cost, Ordinance or Law, Water Backup & V&MM coverage available

  • Personal Liability coverage can be added

  • Green Coverage & bundled coverage packages available

  • Numerous discounts available

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